When a challenge is presented, Memtech is able to initiate a service that provides solutions and benefits. Challenges include:

  • An established process where altered circumstances create a need for adaption, for example, leachate with slowly increasing levels of contamination or escalating waste removal
  • Situations in which licences/permits/approvals will only be issued when certain standards are achieved including removal of toxins, significant reduction of use of acids/alkalis, provision of potable water as a by-product
  • An increased need to recover metals, salts, etc., from processes, especially where cost reduction is critical to future operations

When there are environmental/health/safety factors or cost reduction/more efficient process concerns, Memtech is able to offer the required solution.

Memtech’s service can set out an approach and if required a feasibility study to demonstrate target returns. Sophisticated work programmes involve laboratory scale tests to demonstrate potential solutions. Upgrading to pilot studies may be carried out either at our processing facility or on site. Advancement to full scale implementations, involving a wider variety of skills provides the full benefit of the tailored solution.

Memtech’s success has been enhanced by an innovative approach at all stages of a process development. We continue to invest in new ideas, even considering established techniques that will benefit from new technologies.