Mining processes are often associated with an extensive use of acids and an inability to recover trace metals. This has led to the mining industry being regarded as inefficient, wasteful, environmentally unfriendly and costly. Memtech has worked hard to reverse that image, by substantially reducing acid (and alkali) use through regeneration, increasing recovery of valuable metals and removal of toxins often left in tailings. Cost benefit calculations have demonstrated a halving in process costs through application of Memtech's process developments.


Manufacturing processes often lead to the generation of hazardous wastes. These can be both expensive to remove and environmentally damaging. Memtech is able to regenerate these waste streams. Commercially viable products can be recovered including metals, like zinc and ferrous. Liquids such as hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid can also be generated. The costs involved in Memtech’s recovery and regeneration technologies are often less than the costs of waste disposal.


Memtech works closely with a range of industries and government bodies to clean up waste materials. Together, we seek to transform hazardous waste streams and reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities through pioneering of cleaner chemical processes. Our target is to leverage technologies and techniques that generate zero waste and mitigate pollution.