Are you looking for more talent? Memtech is keen to exchange ideas with all professionals that can offer relevant expertise.

Can we visit your laboratory? Yes, but by appointment only.

Can we visit on site applications? Approval from the client would be required in advance.

Can you also regenerate alkalis from waste solutions? Yes, need details of specifics.

Can you confirm that the Memtech is able to reduce the cost of laterite mining by half? You are referring to a specific example within an ASX announcement, we would prefer to evaluate the benefits on a case by case basis.

Can you recover metals like gold and silver from solution? Yes.

Can you remove toxins down to PPB? Yes, particularly successful with cations.

We need your help, do we need to sign an NDA first? Normally after an introductory meeting an agreement is prepared, an NDA respecting the confidential nature of both parties’ interests is normally included.

We will need a full evaluation of the benefits –a CBA demonstrating cost savings with clear reference to your costs prior to proceeding. Agreed.