Memtech is an internationally recognised process and technology development company. We specialise in identifying, improving and commercialising, viable and innovative industrial processes.

Our patented technology adds value to chemical processes associated with purification, recycling, regeneration and metals recovery. We develop scalable, economic and sustainable solutions, tailored to individual client requirements. Our target is to leverage technologies that deliver zero-waste and nil-pollution.

By application of the patented state-of-the-art processes, Memtech provides innovative solutions to the challenges commonly associated with costly clean-up or removal of undesired chemicals. Our process technology provides economic incentives, by regenerating acids, alkalis and by extraction of valuable metals and salts from toxic solutions. Our domestic and international markets are associated with environmental protection and remediation, coupled with the application of economic and effective processes in the manufacturing and mining arenas. Memtech has the expertise to provide solutions to industry challenges. The return benefits are in value terms considerably greater than any additional costs.


Graeme Linklater, CEO, CPA MBA MLM GAICD - Graeme is an experienced CFO (25 years) with strong analytical skills. He has a breadth of experience across international business, oil and gas services, manufacturing, medical and telecommunications, complimented by a corporate advisory specialty to focus on growing business with complex corporate requirements. Graeme's expertise will help steer the Memtech group into its next phase of growth.

Cameron Ross, Process Technologist, B.E.(Chem) Cameron has 6 years professional experience in chemical engineering processes and production operations. Cameron has designed and comissioned several scale pilot plants as well implemented production process improvements in FMCG operations and heavy industry bulk processing operations including process optimisation and validation.

Sean Harrold, Environmental Scientist, Process Engineer, B.Env.Sc Sean has 4 years professional experience performing test work for a variety of industries including steel galvanizers and the mining sector. Sean routinely designs and runs experiments that have ranged in size from bench scale to pilot scale. He has also been responsible for identifying and obtaining regulatory approvals to ensure compliance with local and state government legislation.

William Hawker, Technology Officer, PhD BE(Hons) GCResComm – Associate Professor, Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, UQ William holds a Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation and is the Principal Advisor on several Hydrometallurgical projects including Hydrothermal purification of Copper Concentrate. William routinely supervises Undergraduate and Postgraduate research in Hydrometallurgy


John Mactaggart (Chairman) John is the founding investor and director of Technology One (ASX: TCO). John has extensive business experience in start-up companies, in manufacturing, technology development and commercialisation. John holds board positions on several companies, and is a founding member of the AAAI and the IAAI.

Graeme Linklater CPA MBA MLM GAICD Graeme is a qualified Certified Practicing Accountant and holds a Masters of Leadership Management, an MBA and Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting and Business Law. He is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.